Why Choose Us?

Professional Children’s Entertainer Leif David performs at hundreds of birthday parties each year. This means that he has been in enough situations to know how to make your child’s birthday the best party ever. But don’t take our word for it. On each page you’ll find Rave Reviews from other parents.

Additional Testimonials

“Yes, I would recommend this for all ages” -Tracy Dobinson

“I would recommend Leif David to others. It takes a special personality to not only perform for adults, but to perform for kids, keeping them entertained and engaged and under control!” -Tracy Adams

“We thoroughly enjoyed the show. The kids loved it. We would definitely recommend Leif to our friends.” -Joanne Fast

“Hello Leif! We wanted to say thank you so much again for entertaining the kids at Mateo’s party! Everyone truly enjoyed your performance! Also, Thank you for the birthday gift for Mateo. He loves it!” -Mimi Mantilla

“I would absolutely recommend Leif. All of the children loved him!” -Ryan Connolly

“Yes, I would recommend him to everyone!” -Brenda Aubin


“We laughed so hard our cheeks hurt! Leif was funny and innovative and made each child feel included.” -Tara O’kane

“All the adults were saying how great you were and all the kids were telling their parents about it when they left. Everyone enjoyed the show!!! I would definitely recommend you to others.” -Larisa Arpots

“The show was great! All the kids seemed engaged in the show and laughed A LOT!!!” -Heather Moison

“I would strongly recommend this show to anyone!” -Heather Stratton

“This was not an easy group to entertain. Sixteen 2 to 8 year olds during the crazy hour from 5 to 6 p.m. is a recipe for disaster, but Leif not only managed to entertain the children, he was a hit with both the adults and the children. Teagan loved her magical birthday and I would recommend this birthday package to anyone.” -Pat Kirkey

“My 3 1/2 year old grandson, who usually loses focus about 15 minutes into any show and announces “I’m done now”, stayed utterly involved and his belly laughs could be heard a mile away. Sooooo magic, and sooooo funny, that Leif David!” -Antoinette Halberstadt

Leif made this day so special for my daughter. She will remember this forever.

Colleen Keeler

I was looking for an easy party for Emma and since I left it to the last minute I was a little worried. Being a single mom cost was an issue as well. Having Leif in to perform and getting the wands at the end of the show was still more affordable then taking the 16 girls bowling, laser tag or anywhere else. And I didn’t have to do goodie bags! The girls laughed the entire time and he was able to keep them involved, entertained and controlled. They are all still talking about the party saying it was the best ever. Thank you!

Kara Rogers

Fantastic, very organized, you kept 14 kids entertained no problem!

Amy Cooke

It was just amazing to see the children’s faces, everyone was just amazed! A perfect party!

Marlo Fieldt

Absolutely Wonderful! The kids and adults were all entertained and amazed! I would recommend this show for kids of all ages. Excellent show!

Bev Penner

Thank you Leif David! My son’s birthday party was truly magical because of you! You did a wonderful job of entertaining us all, children and adults alike. I really appreciate your professionalism and positive attitude, especially considering the unexpected technical problems (no power!) you had to deal with. You left us spellbound! PS my son now wants to be a magician when he grows up 🙂

Michelle Collins